Monday, September 20, 2010

Ooooo! Another good idea!

Kinda just figured this one out.

Feeling like Einstein at the moment!

So anyhow, heres my pretty genious idea:

When you visit a blog, obviously you do the usual stuff, read, follow, comment and such.
But when you have lots of blogs to visit, how can you do the above mentioned things faster?

Well if you create a subfolder in your favourites, probably name it 'blogs' or something, then add every blog you follow to it as a favourite.

Then when you go to do your 'daily rounds', you can just go to your favourites, right click the subfolder and click open in tab group. This will open all the blogs and you can one by one do your thing with each one.

It doesn't significantly increase speed, but its at least efficient. Hahha.

Sorry if i just totally poached this idea of someone else. My bad.. :/

Well anyways, in relation to Einstein.
Im thinking of writing on more philosiphical ideas every now and then.

E=MC^2 totally blew my mind.
Theory of Special Relativity = Mind BLOWN!


So anyhow, thats all for now.

Keep it going, follow, comment, click.



Saturday, September 18, 2010

What a good idea!

Well I found after reading someone elses blog that you can use other sites like linkbucks and adbrite to futher increase the amount of cashflow from your blog/website.

I think its a good idea and wonder why Google hasn't included anything about having more than one monetizing site, in their terms and  conditions page?

Hmmm, anyhow, this is how it works:

Sign up for linkbucks either with a referral or without, ( I would really like it if you signed up through my referral link though,, much appreciated =] )

Anyhow, if you sign up then you go onto this kind of pyramid scheme thaat has you and then your referrals under you, and then you can get a percentage of your referrals referrals and then that persons referrals referrals.
Sorry about the explanation, its a little all over the place but in essence, it goes:
You>Your Referral 20%>Their Referral 10%> That Persons Referral 2%

So sign up and make the money! :)

Friday, September 17, 2010


Oh thank goodness!! Finally the holidays are here and a well deserved break is now in full swing!

So much stuff to do, so many people to see, so little time!

Well, i dont have much to say in this post so ill keep it short and sweet.

I will however post this random video that has quite the catchy tune!
Im sure you'll get as much enjoyment out of it as i did. Hhaha.\

Anyways, thats all for now!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today was soooo boring and not to mention tiring.

I had a total  of 4 SACs and also had to stay back an hour afterschool just so i could finish them.
Gosh, what i do for my schoolwork!

Well anyways, i had to write up for my English SAC, an essay/speech kinda thing for one of three prompts that were given.

I chose the prompt, "Identity is always evolving".
Brilliant i thought, because I really jetted through it.

I hope i get a good mark!

Oh and if you happened to stumble upon this page and are doing the same prompt and want some help, feel free to pop on by and ill send you a copy.

IF, you're lucky! :)

In other news though, I did join a new gym thats opening in town. So excited and such a good deal to!!

Ill have to spend a bit of money on a bike though seeing as i will need to ride to and from when i go there.

Im happy though, because its a full access pass, hells yeah!
Im gonna be fit and looking somewhat similar to the physique of Bruce Lee. Well im hoping, hahaha.

Hopefully by the summer holidays, i will be looking a little bit fitter than i am at the moment.
Lets be honest, i dont want to be fat, unhealthy and sitting at home all summer, while my friends are out at the beach or swimming and such.

Noone wants that! Bluhhh

Oh and before i go,

If you have a road bike for sale, let me know! Im keen as chips!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Blog - Im a Superman

So anyways, i suppose i should introduce myself?
My name, for the sake of online anonyminity is Alex.

Im around the approximate age of 18. Absolutely loves talking shit all the time.

Most probably Bullshit is my second fluent language, i love it, and you'd love it if you knew me.

I enjoy sipping fine chirraz infront of the fireplace and long walks on the beach with a beautiful sunset as thhe backdrop.

Beethoven is the soundtrack to my life, and the inspirational driving force to my awesomeness.

Lol, nah! I kid, I kid.

All that was complete bullshit, incase you hadn't already noticed!

Im a typical 18 year old. Love music, love friends love music love girls.

Plus, im a superhero at night. Kinda like Clark Kent.
Everyone loves superheroes!

So anyways, I think ive rambled on for long enough.

Have fun people, I hope that you enjoyed wasting your time as much as I enjoyed wasting it for you.