Monday, September 20, 2010

Ooooo! Another good idea!

Kinda just figured this one out.

Feeling like Einstein at the moment!

So anyhow, heres my pretty genious idea:

When you visit a blog, obviously you do the usual stuff, read, follow, comment and such.
But when you have lots of blogs to visit, how can you do the above mentioned things faster?

Well if you create a subfolder in your favourites, probably name it 'blogs' or something, then add every blog you follow to it as a favourite.

Then when you go to do your 'daily rounds', you can just go to your favourites, right click the subfolder and click open in tab group. This will open all the blogs and you can one by one do your thing with each one.

It doesn't significantly increase speed, but its at least efficient. Hahha.

Sorry if i just totally poached this idea of someone else. My bad.. :/

Well anyways, in relation to Einstein.
Im thinking of writing on more philosiphical ideas every now and then.

E=MC^2 totally blew my mind.
Theory of Special Relativity = Mind BLOWN!


So anyhow, thats all for now.

Keep it going, follow, comment, click.




  1. Lololol, also for all you raging internet gangsters going off about my reference to 'daily rounds', i mean viewing your blogs to actually read whats going on.

    Chillax people. Its k.

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  3. Hey bro nice blog and theme,
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  4. TOO OBVIOUS MATE!!!! risking even commenting on this...

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  6. so cool

  7. Great blog, man!

    Hope you`ll check out mine as well.

  8. What da man wants, da man gets.

  9. Although I don't use firefox, theoretically shouldn't MorningCoffee do the same thing?

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  11. lol nice post mate.
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  12. Might help save a little time.

  13. Man, bullshit adventures are my favorite kind. Loving the blog!

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