Sunday, September 5, 2010

First Blog - Im a Superman

So anyways, i suppose i should introduce myself?
My name, for the sake of online anonyminity is Alex.

Im around the approximate age of 18. Absolutely loves talking shit all the time.

Most probably Bullshit is my second fluent language, i love it, and you'd love it if you knew me.

I enjoy sipping fine chirraz infront of the fireplace and long walks on the beach with a beautiful sunset as thhe backdrop.

Beethoven is the soundtrack to my life, and the inspirational driving force to my awesomeness.

Lol, nah! I kid, I kid.

All that was complete bullshit, incase you hadn't already noticed!

Im a typical 18 year old. Love music, love friends love music love girls.

Plus, im a superhero at night. Kinda like Clark Kent.
Everyone loves superheroes!

So anyways, I think ive rambled on for long enough.

Have fun people, I hope that you enjoyed wasting your time as much as I enjoyed wasting it for you.

1 comment:

  1. I speak bullshit upfront, and hard facts in the office.