Saturday, September 18, 2010

What a good idea!

Well I found after reading someone elses blog that you can use other sites like linkbucks and adbrite to futher increase the amount of cashflow from your blog/website.

I think its a good idea and wonder why Google hasn't included anything about having more than one monetizing site, in their terms and  conditions page?

Hmmm, anyhow, this is how it works:

Sign up for linkbucks either with a referral or without, ( I would really like it if you signed up through my referral link though,, much appreciated =] )

Anyhow, if you sign up then you go onto this kind of pyramid scheme thaat has you and then your referrals under you, and then you can get a percentage of your referrals referrals and then that persons referrals referrals.
Sorry about the explanation, its a little all over the place but in essence, it goes:
You>Your Referral 20%>Their Referral 10%> That Persons Referral 2%

So sign up and make the money! :)


  1. can you get introuble from adsense for having linkbucks as well?

  2. Showing my DAILY support,I REALLY need yours aswell!!

  3. Pyramid schemes never really work, from my personal experience.

  4. Well it usually doesnt work because noone gives it a shot.

    It starts to pay off when you get lots of people signing up underneath you.

  5. Yeah thats true, but hmmm I wonder..

  6. I have my doubts dude.

  7. ill check it out.

    Thank for the awesome blog post.

    come check out my blog, and follow it! i followed u, ill read your blog daily, i just need readers!

  8. u got me lost at the end.... but great post :)

    using your referral!