Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Today was soooo boring and not to mention tiring.

I had a total  of 4 SACs and also had to stay back an hour afterschool just so i could finish them.
Gosh, what i do for my schoolwork!

Well anyways, i had to write up for my English SAC, an essay/speech kinda thing for one of three prompts that were given.

I chose the prompt, "Identity is always evolving".
Brilliant i thought, because I really jetted through it.

I hope i get a good mark!

Oh and if you happened to stumble upon this page and are doing the same prompt and want some help, feel free to pop on by and ill send you a copy.

IF, you're lucky! :)

In other news though, I did join a new gym thats opening in town. So excited and such a good deal to!!

Ill have to spend a bit of money on a bike though seeing as i will need to ride to and from when i go there.

Im happy though, because its a full access pass, hells yeah!
Im gonna be fit and looking somewhat similar to the physique of Bruce Lee. Well im hoping, hahaha.

Hopefully by the summer holidays, i will be looking a little bit fitter than i am at the moment.
Lets be honest, i dont want to be fat, unhealthy and sitting at home all summer, while my friends are out at the beach or swimming and such.

Noone wants that! Bluhhh

Oh and before i go,

If you have a road bike for sale, let me know! Im keen as chips!


  1. my day was boring too... and im so freaking tired..... good luck tomorrow

  2. If you flew through the prompt, then you must have had good good insight on the subject. good job brotha!

  3. This is an awesome blog! Keep up the great work here!

  4. Hey thanks for the support! If i can get enough people to actually participate then I would totally bring back the Band of the Week (or month). Hope you continue reading!

    Also, epic post and nice blog!

  5. OMG!!!! second PICS hahahahahahaahaha SUPERR!@!!!!

  6. Hey thanks for the follow! I'll be getting more stuff up shortly. Good luck with the gym bro. With enough time invested into it, it will really pay off, and you'll see that the Bruce Lee physique is attainable if you want it!